Discover our range of legumes of local

Our range of legumes of origin has proximity products and the PDO that identifies its local.

The Santa Pau beans are considered a product of high gastronomic value, being the main ingredient in a large number of recipes. Grown by our producers in the volcanic lands of La Garrotxa, they have a very mild flavor and a particularly creamy texture and has the PDO that identifies its local.

Alta anoia cheackpeas are a local speciality of excepcional gastronomic qualities. It is a small checkpea, of very smooth surface, which increases its volume during cooking. Its flavor is very intense and delicate.

Ganxet beans are unique in the world because they are grown only in a small area of Catalonia, in the case of our producers in the Maresme region. Known by all, its flavor is smooth, creamy, fine and persistent and has the PDO that identifies its local.

Segarra lentil is a local variety characterized for having a fine and delicate texture, which remains firm once cooked. In addition, it does not lose the skin and is low in calories.

The best quality accompaniment to traditional dishes.